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Tales of a Hippy Kid - Story by Jon Kroll, Art by Dave Bohn

“Tales of a Hippy Kid” is a collection of funny, revealing and occasionally true stories of a bygone era. The weed was always pure, the tub was always hot and lots of people walked around naked. This is the story of a bunch of those people.

Road Trippin' and Skinny Dippin' includes all of the stories from the original "Tales of a Hippy Kid" comic, True Tales of Daze Gone By, along with more than 60 pages of new material. These stories reveal the origins of the Hippy Kid and continue his many adventures, including his unforgettable pilgrimage to meet the Dalai Lama.


This site contains mature content. It is not for kids!


Jon Kroll and Dave Bohn have come together to devilishly recreate the hilariously twisted, true-to-life tales of growing up on a hippy commune. Crumb and Shelton would be proud. Disney and Schulz, horrified.”
  — Geoff Johns
(Infinite Crisis, The Flash, Teen Titans)
'Tales of a Hippy Kid' is a bright new addition in the time-honored lineage of autobiographical comics. Like Pekar, Sacco, and Bechdel, Kroll writes what he knows. And what he knows is most amusing.”
  — David S. Goyer
(Batman Begins, The Blade Trilogy)
The independent comic world takes itself way too seriously, which is why 'Tales of a Hippy Kid' is a comedic breath of fresh air in an industry that needs a good laugh.
  — Jason M. Burns
(A Dummy's Guide to Danger, The Expendable One)


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