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JON Jon KrollKROLL is known for his television endeavors, which include filming vampires on the streets of Vancouver for “Blade – The Series,” Jon KrollAmish people on the streets of Los Angeles for “Amish in the City” and tourists on the streets of Bangkok for “The Amazing Race.” He's also done a bunch of other stuff you can read about at He insists that nearly everything in “Tales of a Hippy Kid” more or less happened, but that many of the names have been changed to different nouns.
DAVE Dave BohnBOHN has been a storyboard artist for many years. He's loved comics since he was a kid, so when his longtime friend, Jon Kroll, asked him to draw Hippy Kid, he jumped at the chance. He's expected to fully recover from the experience.

Jon owes a great debt to his parents and sisters, who chronicled this era with journals, photographs and, of course, comics. Their reward is to see events of the past that they’d just as soon forget be immortalized for the world to see.

Jon and Dave both owe a great debt to their spouses, Karen Kroll and Diana Davis, who did the pre-press, color and layout work.


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